NEO ~ In Uniform ~

NEO ~ In Uniform~


November brings with it a sense of regalia and home town heroes so we're giving you the chance to dress it up...
A chance to dig deep into your chest of wares as we pay homage to the sharp, sexy and/or eccentric Uniform...

NEO . . . where alternative-identifying individuals come together as a new generation of Avant-Garde subculturalists. Where you’re encouraged to be yourself... whatever that "self" may be.

Providing a safe, vibrant, and hedonistic space geared mainly towards the U35’s community, their partners and their friends no matter what age…*(we’re all about inclusivity here!)*.

We endeavour to foster a safe, inclusive and close-knit community, which promotes understanding, learning, and self-discovery. You’re encourage to discover, explore, and be your true self…

NEO! It’s Fetish for a new generation.

We invite you to experience our complimentary Skillshare at 11pm.

A short tantalising taste where we explore a specific Kink, so you can explore this underworld in an informed, safe, and pleasurable way.


From 10pm – late
(to enjoy your evening in full, we strongly suggest you arrive before 11pm)

Sound Artists

Kalibre  ::  Lady J  ::  Xtian  ::  Syto


You can mix it up with all things Uniform... Military to Netball - School uniforms to Police - Firefighters - Maids - Retro Waitresses - Bellboy or your regular Alternative - Fetish - Fantasy & Kink wear... or simply wear good ol' Dressy Black (black shoes - black pants/dress - black shirt/blouse), it's your choice. . . however respectfully dress for the overall style and feel of this event… no blue jeans (unless under chaps) - no sports shoes - no casual wear..

Lighting & Spatial arrangement

Tracy G


General entry:
$25 alternative wear

Code-word: $20
Contact your host or send your request to... [] receive your code-word for early entry discount. (code-word is subject to door and dress-code policies and is only valid for use before 11pm - regular entry $ applies after 11pm)

Community associated members:
Blu - Seahorse - Vic-PAH - VicLeather
$20 - before 11pm

~ Please note that door is a cash only entry point, please bring sufficient funds/cash for your night out. The bar has eftpos/pay-pass facilities for drinks.


0412 510 424
Mon - Fri 12pm - 8pm
Sat - Sun after 4pm
please do not send text messages as they cannot be replied to