NEO ~The Art of Discipline & Spanking in Play~

NEO ~The Art of Discipline & Spanking In Play~

SATURDAY 13 JULY, 2019 @ 10PM

~Objective: the practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behaviour, using punishment to correct disobedience or brattiness~

Discipline is the art of staying course and of taming the mind, body and emotion.

Discipline is the use of rules and punishment to control overt behaviour in BDSM.

Rules can be applied randomly by dominants as a tool for disorienting a submissive. A sadist may also use them as a pretext for punishment. A disciplinarian, on the other hand, is one who enjoys gaining control over someone's physical actions and apparent behaviour by training them to obey stated rules.

~Objective: an act of slapping, especially on the buttocks as an act of eroticism over punishment~

That amorous (not too hard) smack across your partners backside might have felt a little risqué the first time you did it, but now it’s such a part of your intimate routine that you can’t imagine not doing it when they’re bent over your knee.

Come join us and our special community guest presenters at NEO as we explore The Art of Discipline & Spanking in Play.

We encourage you to bring your own personal accessories for play…

NEO . . . where alternative-identifying individuals come together as a new generation of Avant-Garde subculturalists. Where you’re encouraged to be yourself... whatever that "self" may be.

Well into its 9th year... NEO continues to provide a safe, vibrant, and hedonistic space geared predominantly towards (but not limited to) the U35’s community, and to their partners and friends of all ages…(we’re all about inclusion here!).

Whether you’re new to this alternative world and looking for a comfortable and enticing first taste amongst a group of like-minded peers, or perhaps you’ve begun your journey and seek new experiences! 

NEO is an ever-evolving space full of an ever-expanding mix of individuals, every NEO is full of possibility.  A space incorporating multi elements of alternative lifestyles, a true fusion of Underground Cultures.  Discrete by design and respectful by nature... a space where you can socialise, explore, indulge, play and dance.

The night is open to whatever direction you wish to take yourself. Whether it’s moving your body to the beats of our DJ’s on the dance floor, indulging responsibly at the fully-stocked bar, mingling with fellow guests in the lounge, various nooks or outdoor courtyard, or indulging your hedonistic fantasies in the versatile and equipped play area…we open our doors and invite you to step through and into the rabbit hole.

NEO has a collection of Hosts in attendance throughout the evening. Dedicated kinksters themselves, so feel free to make yourself known to them as you enter for an introduction of the space and all it has to offer. Also, feel free to pose any questions or concerns you may have throughout the night.

NEO! It’s Fetish for a new generation.

Our themes are simply to add that little twist to your night out. It's not compulsory to dress to the specific theme, but even better if you make the effort or simply wear your favourite alternative/fetish wear 🙂


From 10pm – late
(to enjoy your evening in full, we strongly suggest you arrive before 11pm)

Sound Artists

Lady J  ::  Xtian  ::  Syme Tollens  ::  plus guest 


You can mix it up with all things Alternative - Fetish - Fantasy - Elegantly twisted & Kink wear... or simply wear good ol' Dressy Black (black shoes - black pants/dress - black shirt/blouse), it's your choice. . . however respectfully dress for the overall style and feel of this event… no blue, grey or faded jeans (unless under chaps) - no sports shoes - no casual or street wear.

Lighting & Spatial arrangement

Tracy G


Please note that door is a cash only entry point. We suggest you bring sufficient funds/cash for your night out.

$25: with early entry discount code-word
Contact your host or send your request to... [] receive your code-word for early entry discount.
(code-word is subject to door and dress-code policies and is only valid for use before 11pm - regular entry $ applies after 11pm)

$25: Community associated members
Blu - Seahorse - Vic-PAH - VicLeather

$30: General entry with alternative wear

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Special "Any Time Priority Entry" ticket:
We have a special "Any Time Priority Entry" ticket available for those who simply want the freedom to arrive at any time and receive Priority entry
This ticket is only available on-line and is subject to all entry policies... 


0412 510 424
Mon - Fri 12pm - 8pm
Sat - Sun after 4pm
please do not send text messages as they cannot be replied to