Salon Noir – An Orphans Xmas

Salon Noir - An Orphans Xmas

FRIDAY 21 DECEMBER, 2018 @ 10 PM

If you're lost for somewhere to go or simply don’t have family in this city, don’t despair as we're having an Orphans Chrissie!!
It’s been a crazy week, month and year, what would top it off would be seeing Santa and his Deer…
Who wants to see the fat man in a red suit anyway…works done and you’ve got one thing left on your mind, how to get away from the bustle and grind...
You’ve done the vanilla thing all week, now all you need to do is give it a little tweak…there’s only one way to make it right, and that’s to let your hair down with friends tonight…
So make your way to your favourite place, you know it’s going to be your saving grace…you’ll meet up with peeps you’ve got to know this year, they’ll fill the room with goodwill and cheer…
Join us as we cram the year into a night, that’s why it’s not going to be such a silent night…There’ll be fruit punch, a sweet treat and people to meet, along with a vibe you just can’t beat…
Bring a small pressie you might want to swap or share, as part of our Chris Kringle to show you care…
We look forward to seeing you from when the clock strikes 10pm.
And who knows what will happen from then.
Happy Festive Season…
Socialise with friends or meet new ones in the intimately styled lounge-bar or step in to the decks room and let our resident sound artists tantalise your ears and move your body as they verberate their unique mix of Deep Dirty Underground Beats for your distinctive pleasure.
Whatever your lifestyle or social requirement may be, we have lots of interesting ways you can indulge yourself.
Set over 5 areas, the evening allows you to socialise and explore your indulgences in a safe, welcoming and respectful space like no other.
'The space where anything is possible'
ps.... The cast, crew and fans from Mama Natalia's Cirque Des Femmes show will be joining us immediately after their show.


From 10pm – late
(to enjoy your evening in full, we strongly suggest you arrive before 11pm)

Sound Artists

Mannequin  ::  plus guest

Performing artists:

Interactive roving performers


You can mix it up with all things from Alternative to Elegantly Twisted... or simply wear good ol' Dressy Black (black shoes - black pants/dress - black shirt/blouse), it's your choice. . . however respectfully dress for the overall style and feel of this event… no blue, grey or faded jeans (unless under chaps) - no sports shoes - no casual or street wear..


General entry:
$15+ - 
Limited tickets available at the door for a little bit more.
~ NOTE: Door is a cash only entry point, please bring sufficient funds/cash for your night out.


0412 510 424
Mon - Fri 12pm - 8pm
Sat - Sun after 4pm
please do not send text messages as they cannot be replied to